Thursday, November 18, 2010

Kavita for Khushibeni from Mummy

Khushi beta tara mate ek Kavita Mummy atyare lakhe chhe.....

Pyari Pyari beni chhe,
Jivan ni e to dhvani chhe,
Prabhu no e avatar chhe,
Khushi name zankar chhe,
sawar pade ne madhuru smit,
bhulawi de samay nu geet,
ewu lage ke jaane ramya ja karie,
Hasya na dariya ma nahya ja karie,
Natkhat nani paheli chhe,
Bhailu ni e aankh micholi chhe,
Khushi ghar ma Khushi no khajano lawi,
Mummy, Pappa mate prem no bhandar lawi,
Bachapan tam rup ma pachhu malyu...
e madhuru smit,
e aankha nu noor,
e mitho awaj,
e jivan thi bharapur mukhadu,
e bephikaru ramawu,
e ramakada pachhal dodi jawu,
Nani waat ma khush thai jawu,
vahaal thi gale valagi jawu,
beni beni hun shu lakhu,
shabdo ochha pade tam varnam ma,
Ha pan etalu hun jaroor kahu,
Tam vina hun na rahu,
Mari vahli Beti,
Tam vina hun na rahu.....

News flash - Khushi can scoot and Khushi is 8 months old

Hello everyone,

News flash for this month is Khushi beni can scoot now.She started scooting exactly when she turned 8 months old. Khushi beni bahu bahu masti khor thai gai chhe. She wants to do everything what Ansh and Anay are doing.
Khushi can eat everything. All regular food she is eating now. and she likes to eat by her self.She eats rotali, crackers by herself. She started speaking few words. Like Va, Ma, Pa, Ba etc...Khushi can express everything now. She likes to play with plane, She loves balloons. She likes to stand at the window,She also likes to play 'pako, pako'. We put some toy away from her and she scoots and get the toy. She likes to play pica boo as well, specially with blankies. Bailu(Anshbhai) time is her favorite time.
Khushiben enjoyed her first Halloween in Fairy costume. She also went for trick or treat. Khushi also enjoyed Diwali wearing new cloths and doing fuljar. 'Have beni dharyu karawati thai gai chhe:)' Parane vahali lage tewi chhe. She is very very cute, sweet and always happy baby. She rarely cries. She can seat now, but with little support. She likes to play with balls. She seats in high chair while eating.
She celebrated Mummy, Pappa's birthday first time. She also enjoyed Anaybhai's birthday at kids castle. Every day Khushi goes to Anshbhai's school to pick him up.

Will catch you later with Khushi's new achievements.
Take Care

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Tofan Masti is lot of fun

Hello everyone,
Khushi is learning new stuff so quickly, that one week of time is long to write a new post. In last few days she is doing lot of new things.

Ba back from India:
Ba had been to India to see 'Naniba'. She is back now. She brought lot of stuff for all of us.Khushi is having nice time with her.

Pappa Pappa 'Happy Birthday to you':
It was Pappa's happy birthday on 14th October. This was pappa's first birthday for khushi to celebrate. Khushiben made her seven months 'Pagali' in card and Anshbhai did nice painting for Pappa. They both gave nice big card to Pappa. Mumma wrote few 'Kavita' in the card. Khushi blow the Candles, cut the cake and had lot of cake on Pappa's birthday with Anshbhai and Anaybhai. Khushi and Ansh gave gifts to Pappa.

Hands are beautiful toys to play with:
Khushi learnt to use her hands. She does bye bye with her hands. She also does 'aawo aawo' with her hands. She put her hands in her hair just like doing 'Tel malish'. Today first time she took cheerios in her hand and put it in her mouth while seating on high chair.

Moving head to say "NA NA":
Khushi now moves her head just like saying 'NO'. She does it especially with Grandpa while playing with him.

Tasty food Yum Yum:
Now Khushi shows lots of likes and dislikes in food. As she started eating all regular food, she doesn't like to eat food without flavor. She doesn't open mouth if she doesn't like something. She happily eats regular our rice, khichadi, daal, vegetables etc. She also likes yogurt a lot. She can hold sippy cup in her hands to drink water.

Playing like a big girl:
Khushi likes to play with Anshbhai just as the same way as him. She plays with him in ball pit. She reads books with him. Khushi and Ansh do 'Beni and Bhailu' time in the morning. They hug each other and do 'wali wali'. They both take bath together in the shower. Khushi likes to touch plants and flowers. She likes to take 'Je Je' from 'Kano' and 'Baal Ganesh'. Khushi likes to play with 'Activity table' a lot. If we try to move her from Activity table, She forces us to go back to Activity table. She enjoys a lot with it. Now she gives lot of preference with everything.

Khushi baby doll in 'Chaniyacholi':
This was Khushi's first Navaratri. Khushi wore nice cute 'Chaniya Choli'. She wore bagels and did 'Bindi' too. She was looking soooooooooooo preety cute doll. Anshbhai also wore 'Keliyu'. He was looking like 'Kano'. They both wore cloths that 'Naniba' sent from India. We had 'Amba ma nu sthapan' at home during Navaratri. Khushi and Ansh was used to do 'Aarthi' with all of us.

New pics, new videos and new Khushi's achievements are coming soon. So stay tuned.
Sayo Naara

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Khushi 7 months old

Hello everyone,
I am back with my sis new achievements. She is growing so quickly. She can roll over everywhere. You put her at one place and you can find her anywhere in the room. She can move backward and clockwise, anticlockwise. She seats on the high chair to eat. Now she recognizes people. She likes to be with Mummy specially when she is hungry or sleepy. She likes to play with me(Ansh). She likes to spend quality time with Papa at night. Now, she can show her likes, dislikes, her interest on her face. She started having protein in her food. She eats khichadi, daal-bhat, danhi, all vegetables eggplant, doodhi, zukini, green beans, carrots, yellow squash, sweet potato,spinach etc. she likes to have banana, apple, pluet, peach, pear, avacado etc in fruits.
Khushi is very sweet and cute girl. She rarely cries. She cries only when she is very sleepy or very hungry. Khushi wakes up multiple times at night.
Khushi's other achievements:
Khushi can hold her toes in her hands. She likes to play with her legs and hands.

She likes to hold things in her hands. She likes to play with soft toys.
Now she understands what we are talking to her and responds accordingly.
she is drooling quite a bit because of teething.

Khushi's first Rakshabandhan.
Khushi tied Rakhi to Anshbhai(me) and Anaybhai and she also sent Rakhi to Aditbhai,Riyaben,Haribhai and all cousins.
Khushi's first long trip to LA.
We had been to LA to visit Stutididi, Hemantphuwa and Diptiphai. Generally she doesn't like car seat when she is sleepy or hungry. But surprisingly it was a good experience. She was good in car seat most of the time. We had lot of fun with Stutididi, Hemantphuwa and Diptiphiya.
Khushi's first Navaratri.
We had been to Garaba couple of times by now. This was Khushi's first Navaratri. But she was having lot of fun dancing with me, mummy and pappa. She also liked listening to music.
Khushi can clap now
Clapping with hands is a nice experience. She loves to do it quite a bit.
Khushi can eat crackers by her self
Today, first time Khushi had Ritz Bitz and Marie crackers by her self. :)

New pictures and videos are here.

September October 2010
Youtube channel

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Khushi 6 months old,LA visit, Yum Yum Solid food

Hello Everybody,

Khushi is growing so quickly. Now Khushi is a big girl. She turned 6 months on 4th Sept. She is learning everything very quickly.
Khushi has tried many fruits and vegetables. She tried Apple, Pear, Banana, Peach, Pluet (A fruit having combination of Plum and Apricot), Mango, Avocado, Carrots, Green beans, Green Squash, Rice cereal, Oatmeal cereal. Now she sometimes seats on the high chair to eat her food. Still she is learning to seat, she can seat with support. She enjoys a lot eating with everyone. She likes to hold spoon while eating. She also drinks water with spoon or with sippy cup, or even from glass. Now she knows she will get food from everybody's plate. Once somebody starts eating in front of her, she is eagerly waiting to get her part :).
New achievements:
As you know she is rolling over. Now she can move backward, and she moves clock wise, anti clock wise. So her gym is small for her now, because she comes out from it very quickly.
She likes to hold things in her hands. She loves to read books. She express her self by showing different faces. She makes lot of noises. She likes to go for a walk. She likes to play with Ansh a lot.She understands what we say and she follows what we say. She follows Ansh all the time.
She is teething. So, she likes to chew her tether.
Now, she recognizes familiar faces very easily. She knows Mummy very well. As well as Papa,Anshbhai,Ba, Dada,Anaybhai, Kaka, Kaki.
She had her 6 months 3 shots yesterday. It wasn't a very good experince, but she was alright after sometime.Her weight is 16.34 pound. Her height is 26.4. She is growing nicely.
She is very happy baby. She cries very less. If she is hungry or sleepy, she starts crying.
She likes to read books with Anshbhai in Mummy's lap. She likes to dance with Pappa. Khushiben and Anshbhai play with each other in the bed every morning. They both sleep together on one pillow. cover them selves with comforter and do play time.
On Sept 7th, Khushi first time seat on a swing.(There is one in our backyard).
Trip to LA:
Khushi had her first long trip. All the way to LA Stutididi's place. It was a nice experience. We started driving car once Khushi went to sleep at night. We drove half way and stayed in the hotel over night. Again started driving in the morning and reached LA at Stutididi's place. We all had lot of fun with Hemantphuwa, Diptiphai and Stutididi. We went to Park, Art asia. Khushi was enjoying everything.
Her lot of new pictures and videos are coming soon.
see you soon.

Saturday, July 31, 2010

5th month

Hi Everyone,

Khushi's 5th month has been pretty eventful. She is now eating rice cereal and carrots regularly. She is also eating fruit loops with pappa at night :). Occasionally she also gets to taste shiro or cake on birthdays :). She loves all foods and is quickly learning to hold the spoon as we feed her.

Khushi loves to play with Anay and Ansh. There are lot of pictures of her playing with one or both of them. She also loves to playing with everyone in the house. She gives everyone a big smile. If she sees that someone is playing with her she laughs a lot with them. Bath time remains Khushi's favorite. She loves to just lie down and have water pouring on her.

Khushi now reaches for the toys and tries to crawl to them. She can move quiet a bit, but is still learning to rise up to her knees so she can crawl. Khushi has been staying awake for longer periods and enjoying every minute of her playtime. She still looks like Ansh looked at that age.

She has also been spending time with Ritika and Om who are both very close to her age. Khushi has been going to pick up Ansh from school everyday. She is slowly learning to be ok in the carseat. Now she likes to go out for walks as well. We still haven't taken her in a stroller, but we plan to do that soon.

You can see Khushi having fun in lot of new videos that pappa finally uploaded to youtube channel.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Pictures and videos

Here are pictures and videos of Khushi's 4th month. This includes various Father's day celebrations, Ansh's second birthday gift opening and Khushi's 4th month pictures. Khushi's 4th month pictures and videos include her rolling over.

Khushi 4th month
Ansh B'day gift opening at home
Father's day kite flying at day care
Father's day celebration at home


Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Beni turning 4 months

Hello Everybody,
News flash.... Khushi can roll over... Khushi is learning everything so quickly. She can also lift her head at 90 degree. The beautiful part is she gives a big smile to everyone. She likes to play with me a lot. So, when I come from school she looks at me and gives me a big smile. She like to touch and fill the texture of everything. She likes to hold different things in her hand now. She holds mumma's finger so tightly. She makes different types of sound now. 'ghhooo','aaaa' etc.
She is potty trained for 'Poo Poo' from the first month.
She had few outside trips by now. We had been to fremont for couple of days over mothers day. She comes to pick me up from my school some days. She doesn't like car seat much especially when she is sleepy or hungry but other than that she is OK.
She likes to go out for a walk.
Better I go because beni is awake.
New pics and videos coming soon

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Friday, June 11, 2010

Khushi 3 months old

Hello Everybody,
So glad to see you. Hurray! Now Khushibeni is 3 months old. She is a big girl now. She learnt lot of new things. She gives a big smile. She can turn on side by her self. She likes to listen to us and talk to us. She can make different sounds ' ghuuu','aaaa' etc. She likes to play with me. She is waiting for me when I come from school. Now Khushi loves to touch and feel different things. She likes to move honey pot (toy) by her self. I start honey pot and put beside her so she can play with it. She also likes to read books. Tummy time and gym time are her favorite time. She also likes to watch me around. Khushi passes quality time with Mommy during whole day and in the evening, she has lot of fun playing with Pappa and everyone. Khushi takes bath in the evening. I and Anay like to give her bath. Splish Splash time is Khushi's favorite time.
Khushi had her first outside trip. That was mother's day trip. You can check out the pictures in the previous blog entry. Her next trip was over long memorial day weekend. We had been to Children's discovery museum. She was awake for few hours there. She had a blast over there. She was so busy looking everything and exploring everything.
Khushi is 3 months old on 4th June,2010. We cut cake and Pappa fed her cake too. So new food other than milk she tasted. :). Food is so Yummy hmmmm..........
You can see new pictures and videos soon.
Time to go to sleep as its 4.15 in the morning.
Good night and see you.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Kavita for Khushi from Naniba

Ugamana ambar ma jyare
Kanku varna rango dhalatata
Surajdada aabhe hastata
Avani per Utsah bharatata

Tyare aapna Thakkar parivar ma
Nani nani pagali bharawa
Ansh, Anay ne rakhi bandhawa
Lakshmi banine Kruti ne Khole

Khushi bani ne Khushi awatari
Dada dadi na araman purawa
Dikari banine Khushi aawi
Kaka Kaki ni ladakadi beti

Kshitij mathi samana lai ne
Snehal pappa na haiye bethi
Mat Pita ni mithadi
Dada Dadi ni chhanya ma

Kaka Kaki na vahal ma
Ansh Anay ni ladakadi baheni
Khushio no khajano lawi

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Khushi 7 weeks old

Hello everyone,
I am back with my sister's new story. Khushi is 7 weeks old now.She is growing very fast. She stays awake more than before. Let me tell you her daily routine. Khushi and I generally wakes up at the same time in the morning. Mumma, feeds her then she loves to play with me. I give 'Je Je' to her first when I wakes up.We have one mickey mouse toy. She likes its music and she likes to watch Mickey dancing. I start that toy for her, so she can watch. I play shaker or rattle or khanjari for her. When I am around she likes to watch me and listen to me. She spends her morning time in gym or bouncer or in somebody's hand. Once I go to school with Pappa. Khushi is alone with Mumma. So they both spend their precious bonding time together. Khushi goes to sleep after few hours of play. Generally her cycle is of 2 to 3 hours.She wakes up, Mumma feeds her, changes her diaper she plays for a while, then she goes to sleep. This happens till 3 O' clock in the afternoon.she stays more awake in the evening time. After coming from school I play with her. In the evening, once Ba comes from work, Ba and Mumma gives her Malish and bath. Bath time is her favorite time. And her bath time is also favorite time for me and Anay. We love to watch her bathing.
I am a big brother. I love to take care of her. I set up the changing station for her when Mumma wants to change her diaper. I give Mumma her diaper, wipes and diaper rash cream. I say 'NO No Na' when she is crying. I pick body lotion for her, Which one to use after taking bath. I even pick her cloths sometimes.
Now she can look far. She knows Mummy, Pappa and my voice. Somehow she recognizes Mumma very well. Now she makes "koo Koo" type of sound. She likes tummy time as well. And the best thing is she gives a bbbbbbbbbbbbbbiiiiiiiiiiiiiigggggggggggg smile whole day. :). I love it. Generally Mumma or Papa rocks her to put her to sleep. She sleeps with Hanumaan chalisha singing. She wakes up to eat after every 2-3 hours at night.
She went outside for few times in last week. She goes for a walk when weather is good.
Ok, then be back with her new story soon. Stay tuned... better I go to bed as it is 4 o' clock in the morning
see you soon

Monday, April 12, 2010

Khushi one month old

Hello Everyone,
I am Ansh, back with my sister Khushi's story. Khushi is now 5 weeks old. She is doing great. Her feeding and sleeping schedule is now settled. She plays a lot more than before. She plays in gym. She loves to do tummy time in gym. I and Anay play a lot with her. I prepare her malish tel, cream, clothes, diapers when she goes to bath. She likes to listen to my voice. When ever she is crying and I say No No na, she stops crying. She is getting taller. We celebrated her one month birthday. She was in a pink frock. She looks very similar to me. She loves to be cuddled, kissed, hugged and cozy, cozy. She likes to listen to stories and songs. ... More later

Sunday, March 21, 2010

More pictures and progress

Hi Everyone,

Khushi is doing very well despite some cold. She had drs appt couple days back and she is already back to her birth weight which is great. Her weight, height, and head circumference are all above average.

Khushi loves to lie on her back and move her arms and legs. Anay and I both give her toys and make voices to play with her. Apart from that Khushi does the usual newborn stuff, sleeping, eating, and diaper changes. Like me she likes to be cuddled with mommy. She also likes to be cuddled with daddy or ba or dada or kaki or kaka. Like me she likes her hands free when sleeping and likes to put her hands by her face in very similar manner as me.

We also got more pictures and videos uploaded.

Ok me really sleepy more later.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Khushi's first post

Hi Everyone,

Until Khushi is ready to blog, I will be blogging for her. Khushi's final steps into our world are logged in this blog entry in my blog. Little Khushi brought looot of khushi to our entire family at 6:09am on March 4th, 2010. I first visited her on 4th in the hospital. I also visited her on 5th. Both times she was asleep. Khushi came home on 5th night.

Khushi by now is 14 days old and does plenty of fun things. She loves being cuddled with mommy. She loves to be in everyone's laps. She likes when Anay and I play with her. We give her toys and shake toys to make sounds for her. Khushi also likes to take bath with daddy or ba. She also likes to be cuddled when dada walks with her. She loves to listen to people talk. Oh and almost forgot two most important things. She loves to sleep and she loves to make mommy changes her cloths when mommy changes her diapers by making her cloths dirty :).

Here are a few pics of her first week in the world. Daddy will eventually get around to putting up more pics, in the mean time you can check out some of the videos of Khushi's first month. More on Khushi later.