Sunday, April 9, 2017

Khushi as a writer - 'Danger Racing on party day' - My first big story

Chapter 1: Super Day

               At 2016  and  at 12 O' clock in the night a little invisible something came on the road.  It saw a little boy on the road  riding a scooter.  The little invisible something asked the boy, why are you riding a scooter at 12 O' clock in the night? 
               Because I have nothing to do except that. But you can sleep. But I have to buy gifts for the birthday party. Why can't you drive a car? I can not drive the car because it uses gas it causes carbon dioxide. Ok fine now buy the gifts. The little goes to the shop and buys gifts and comes back home and gets ready for the party. And his family walk up and also got ready for the party.  They went to the party. They saw a race track at Orrow and that's where the party is.  Orrow has many race tracks. I can show you the one where we are going in. First there are sand whirlpools. Second there are laser beams. Third there is a bronze chest in the middle of a crack. In the fourth there are trees blocking the whole route. The fifth is a silver chest in a crack. The sixth, there is wind pushing the opposite of you. Seventh is the golden chest. 

Chapter 2: The Racing Day

                 First let's eat then  we will begin. The race said the host. We will eat pasta and pizza. After the people were done eating they started the race. All of the people were at the same place. They soon got to the bronze chest. Everybody were fighting there. The little boy got out of the battle of the bronze chest and climbed up the crack. The little boy jumped over the tree and got the silver chest.  He climbed and ran the wrong way and strong wind pushed him backwards and he got the golden chest. He won the race and he passes the presents. 

Chapter 3: Super Speed

                     The gifts are zone transfers and the little boy transfers to a zone. 

Friday, March 18, 2016

Its been a while  we shared Khushi's update. Khushi is now 6 years big girl. Very cute, intelligent, smart and cheerful girl.  Her handwriting is very pretty. She likes writing, drawing, painting. Khushi loves to play with Ansh all the time. She goes to champion school and she is in the kindergarden. She is already doing 3 digits multiplication, 4 digits borrow carry addition, substraction.  Khushi now rides bicycle without side wheels. She is very loving kid.  Little picky about food. Khushi loves pappa's handy :). 

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Pictures Pictures and more Pictures

Here are Ansh's and Khushi's pictures from 2012 Click the link to view the pictures:
Mummy,Pappa marriage anniversary pics: Mummy,Pappa marriage anniversary Jan 2012 Pictures

Ansh, Khushi and family studio pics: Ansh and Khushi Feb 2012 Pictures

Khushiben 2nd Birthday pics: Khushiben 2nd Birthday Pictures March 2012

Miscellaneous pics: Ansh and Khushi May 2012 Pictures

Anshbhai 4th Birthday pics: Anshbhai 4th Birthday Pictures June 2012

Anshbhai making big Puzzle and Khushiben playing with her toy, Mummy in broken leg pics: Ansh and Khushi July 2012 Pictures

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Khushi 2 years old and a big cute girl

Hi! Everyone,

Khushi turned 2 on March 4th,2012. She is very cute girl. Very sweet. She learnt lot of things very quickly from her big brothers Ansh and Anay. She can speak like us. She is totally potty trained, she doesn't even wear diaper at night. She has long hair now. She is picky about clothes. She wanted to wear clothes of her choice sometimes. She also likes all girly things: bangles, bindi, maala, butti, pins, hair bands. She is comparatively calm and easy going baby. She is also picky about her food.She likes All dairy product - specially cheese and ice -cream. Khushi plays a doggy - doggy game. Doggy - Doggy find the ball, somebody took it, someone's ball. Wake up doggy. huuufff... NNNNNNNOOO... Huffff.... NOOOO.: She likes to play it. She also likes to read fishy book - which has blub blub blub bubbles story. She likes the song - "Uthe sub ke kadam, dekho rum pum pum....where her name comes in the song". She does lot of art work at home and at school. She also plays play dough and she likes swings in the backyard. She likes to eat shower fruits.
Will come with more updates soon. Time for Khushi to go to bed. 

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

KhushiBeni Potty Trained, Talking like a big girl and goes to School

Hi! Everybody,

How are you all? I am back with Khushi's update. Hmmm... lot of changes.... Mainly Khushibeni is Potty Trained now ... Hurrrrreeeeeeey!!!!!! It has been 3 weeks she said bye bye to Diapers. And other exciting news is... Khushi started going to school. February, 13th 2012 was her first day at school. She goes to My Dream Academy, where Ansh goes. She is getting settled at school. Now, she can talk like a big girl. She speaks everything. Her hair is also big now. She has lot of teeth now ( I think its 13 or 14 by now). She has some favorite toys, one of them is her baby doll, she keeps her baby doll near to her all the time, even at night. These days she is very close to Ba as Mummy started going to work. She is very close to Anshbhai as well. All the time Ansh and Khushi want each other. Khushu, loves to have gummy bar(Vitamin) -she says "Khushiben ne gummy bar khawi chhe, ek aapso" and she shows her pointer finger. She likes to read books and to tell stories in few sentences. She likes to make friends. She is very social, whenever she goes to Library, she picks up some toys and gives to other kids. She thinks they will be my friends that way, if I share with them. :).

She sings whole lakadi ki Kathi song and many more songs.
She is cute, little, sweet girl as always.

See you again with her updates
bye for now

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Pictures, Pictures and more Pictures

Hello everyone,

It has been long time writing a post. How are you all? Khushibeni updates: She can talk like a big baby. She can speak whole sentences. She has 12 teeth. she is very smart. She plays everything what Ansh and Anay plays. She likes to sing Lakadiki Kathi song. we had been to Orlando Florida Disney land. Khushi and Ansh had so much fun there. Khushi is very social. She goes to everybody. She likes to read books. She says stories in her style. e.g. "Vaagh aawyo re Vaagh, pan koi aawe na", "Kalaglo, Paani, Fly" :). She likes to read, write. She likes to walk a lot. She says "Khushiben ne thodu walky walky karawu padashe" :). Overall she is very happy baby.She eats everything just like a big girl. She can also handle spicy food. She likes it.

Here, are new pictures:

pics of Disney World trip

Ansh Anay Christmas Program

Miscellaneous pics

Irvine trip Labour day weekend 2011

Ba Dada Birthday 2011

Las Palmas Park 15th September 2011

Navratri 2011

Chaki Cheese with Dada and Papa Oct 4 2011

Kids being kids at home

Papa birthday 2011

Happy Hollow park Oct 2011

San Martin Pumpkin Patch Oct 2011

Monray bay Aquarium Nov 2011

Ansh Khushi happy time

Halloween 2011

Mummy Birthday and Rangoli 2011

Khushi making blocks tower

Ansh Khushi having fun

Pumpking patch 2011

Lot of pictures hmmmmmmm!!!!!!!!!!!!

Take care,

Jai Shri Krishna

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Khushi 18 months old

Hello everyone,
How are you? So, I am here today with Khushi's new updates, her cute fun and lot more. Khushi is 18 months old. She has 7 teeth. 4 on the upper side and 3 on the lower side. We did her 'Balmuvara' after coming from India. We did it at home. We started cutting her hair when she was asleep. But half way through she woke up, but she was sitting nicely and got her hair cut done. She was looking so different after doing 'Balmuvara'. Khushi likes to eat Cheese, yogurt, mushroom, bluebarries, orange, strawbarries, tomatoes and the most likely thing is 'ice cream' - just like her daddy. Her favorite toy is baby doll. She keeps baby doll with her most of the time. Now, she can speak whole sentences. Now, she is no more on mummy's milk. She is a big girl now. She drinks regular milk. The best part is now Khushi sleeps in bed by her own, there is no need to rock her. :) After all she is a big girl. She loves Anshbhai a lot. In the morning Khushi and Ansh wake up together, they take shower together, they eat breakfast together, sometimes Khushi goes to Ansh's school to drop him off or to pick him up. They also play together most of the time. Once Ansh goes to school, Khushi is moving around in the house and asking for 'Bhai'. Khushi is very 'Shant and Dahi' baby. she plays by her own, very easy going, she goes to everyone. She started using potty sometimes. She is our cutie pie. We love her so much.Take care, Jai Shri Krishna

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