Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Tofan Masti is lot of fun

Hello everyone,
Khushi is learning new stuff so quickly, that one week of time is long to write a new post. In last few days she is doing lot of new things.

Ba back from India:
Ba had been to India to see 'Naniba'. She is back now. She brought lot of stuff for all of us.Khushi is having nice time with her.

Pappa Pappa 'Happy Birthday to you':
It was Pappa's happy birthday on 14th October. This was pappa's first birthday for khushi to celebrate. Khushiben made her seven months 'Pagali' in card and Anshbhai did nice painting for Pappa. They both gave nice big card to Pappa. Mumma wrote few 'Kavita' in the card. Khushi blow the Candles, cut the cake and had lot of cake on Pappa's birthday with Anshbhai and Anaybhai. Khushi and Ansh gave gifts to Pappa.

Hands are beautiful toys to play with:
Khushi learnt to use her hands. She does bye bye with her hands. She also does 'aawo aawo' with her hands. She put her hands in her hair just like doing 'Tel malish'. Today first time she took cheerios in her hand and put it in her mouth while seating on high chair.

Moving head to say "NA NA":
Khushi now moves her head just like saying 'NO'. She does it especially with Grandpa while playing with him.

Tasty food Yum Yum:
Now Khushi shows lots of likes and dislikes in food. As she started eating all regular food, she doesn't like to eat food without flavor. She doesn't open mouth if she doesn't like something. She happily eats regular our rice, khichadi, daal, vegetables etc. She also likes yogurt a lot. She can hold sippy cup in her hands to drink water.

Playing like a big girl:
Khushi likes to play with Anshbhai just as the same way as him. She plays with him in ball pit. She reads books with him. Khushi and Ansh do 'Beni and Bhailu' time in the morning. They hug each other and do 'wali wali'. They both take bath together in the shower. Khushi likes to touch plants and flowers. She likes to take 'Je Je' from 'Kano' and 'Baal Ganesh'. Khushi likes to play with 'Activity table' a lot. If we try to move her from Activity table, She forces us to go back to Activity table. She enjoys a lot with it. Now she gives lot of preference with everything.

Khushi baby doll in 'Chaniyacholi':
This was Khushi's first Navaratri. Khushi wore nice cute 'Chaniya Choli'. She wore bagels and did 'Bindi' too. She was looking soooooooooooo preety cute doll. Anshbhai also wore 'Keliyu'. He was looking like 'Kano'. They both wore cloths that 'Naniba' sent from India. We had 'Amba ma nu sthapan' at home during Navaratri. Khushi and Ansh was used to do 'Aarthi' with all of us.

New pics, new videos and new Khushi's achievements are coming soon. So stay tuned.
Sayo Naara

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  1. Happy Navratri to khushi ben too.
    Chanya choli vado photo to moklo mama ne.