Thursday, November 18, 2010

News flash - Khushi can scoot and Khushi is 8 months old

Hello everyone,

News flash for this month is Khushi beni can scoot now.She started scooting exactly when she turned 8 months old. Khushi beni bahu bahu masti khor thai gai chhe. She wants to do everything what Ansh and Anay are doing.
Khushi can eat everything. All regular food she is eating now. and she likes to eat by her self.She eats rotali, crackers by herself. She started speaking few words. Like Va, Ma, Pa, Ba etc...Khushi can express everything now. She likes to play with plane, She loves balloons. She likes to stand at the window,She also likes to play 'pako, pako'. We put some toy away from her and she scoots and get the toy. She likes to play pica boo as well, specially with blankies. Bailu(Anshbhai) time is her favorite time.
Khushiben enjoyed her first Halloween in Fairy costume. She also went for trick or treat. Khushi also enjoyed Diwali wearing new cloths and doing fuljar. 'Have beni dharyu karawati thai gai chhe:)' Parane vahali lage tewi chhe. She is very very cute, sweet and always happy baby. She rarely cries. She can seat now, but with little support. She likes to play with balls. She seats in high chair while eating.
She celebrated Mummy, Pappa's birthday first time. She also enjoyed Anaybhai's birthday at kids castle. Every day Khushi goes to Anshbhai's school to pick him up.

Will catch you later with Khushi's new achievements.
Take Care

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