Saturday, July 31, 2010

5th month

Hi Everyone,

Khushi's 5th month has been pretty eventful. She is now eating rice cereal and carrots regularly. She is also eating fruit loops with pappa at night :). Occasionally she also gets to taste shiro or cake on birthdays :). She loves all foods and is quickly learning to hold the spoon as we feed her.

Khushi loves to play with Anay and Ansh. There are lot of pictures of her playing with one or both of them. She also loves to playing with everyone in the house. She gives everyone a big smile. If she sees that someone is playing with her she laughs a lot with them. Bath time remains Khushi's favorite. She loves to just lie down and have water pouring on her.

Khushi now reaches for the toys and tries to crawl to them. She can move quiet a bit, but is still learning to rise up to her knees so she can crawl. Khushi has been staying awake for longer periods and enjoying every minute of her playtime. She still looks like Ansh looked at that age.

She has also been spending time with Ritika and Om who are both very close to her age. Khushi has been going to pick up Ansh from school everyday. She is slowly learning to be ok in the carseat. Now she likes to go out for walks as well. We still haven't taken her in a stroller, but we plan to do that soon.

You can see Khushi having fun in lot of new videos that pappa finally uploaded to youtube channel.

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