Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Pictures, Pictures and more Pictures

Hello everyone,

It has been long time writing a post. How are you all? Khushibeni updates: She can talk like a big baby. She can speak whole sentences. She has 12 teeth. she is very smart. She plays everything what Ansh and Anay plays. She likes to sing Lakadiki Kathi song. we had been to Orlando Florida Disney land. Khushi and Ansh had so much fun there. Khushi is very social. She goes to everybody. She likes to read books. She says stories in her style. e.g. "Vaagh aawyo re Vaagh, pan koi aawe na", "Kalaglo, Paani, Fly" :). She likes to read, write. She likes to walk a lot. She says "Khushiben ne thodu walky walky karawu padashe" :). Overall she is very happy baby.She eats everything just like a big girl. She can also handle spicy food. She likes it.

Here, are new pictures:

pics of Disney World trip

Ansh Anay Christmas Program

Miscellaneous pics

Irvine trip Labour day weekend 2011

Ba Dada Birthday 2011

Las Palmas Park 15th September 2011

Navratri 2011

Chaki Cheese with Dada and Papa Oct 4 2011

Kids being kids at home

Papa birthday 2011

Happy Hollow park Oct 2011

San Martin Pumpkin Patch Oct 2011

Monray bay Aquarium Nov 2011

Ansh Khushi happy time

Halloween 2011

Mummy Birthday and Rangoli 2011

Khushi making blocks tower

Ansh Khushi having fun

Pumpking patch 2011

Lot of pictures hmmmmmmm!!!!!!!!!!!!

Take care,

Jai Shri Krishna

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Khushi 18 months old

Hello everyone,
How are you? So, I am here today with Khushi's new updates, her cute fun and lot more. Khushi is 18 months old. She has 7 teeth. 4 on the upper side and 3 on the lower side. We did her 'Balmuvara' after coming from India. We did it at home. We started cutting her hair when she was asleep. But half way through she woke up, but she was sitting nicely and got her hair cut done. She was looking so different after doing 'Balmuvara'. Khushi likes to eat Cheese, yogurt, mushroom, bluebarries, orange, strawbarries, tomatoes and the most likely thing is 'ice cream' - just like her daddy. Her favorite toy is baby doll. She keeps baby doll with her most of the time. Now, she can speak whole sentences. Now, she is no more on mummy's milk. She is a big girl now. She drinks regular milk. The best part is now Khushi sleeps in bed by her own, there is no need to rock her. :) After all she is a big girl. She loves Anshbhai a lot. In the morning Khushi and Ansh wake up together, they take shower together, they eat breakfast together, sometimes Khushi goes to Ansh's school to drop him off or to pick him up. They also play together most of the time. Once Ansh goes to school, Khushi is moving around in the house and asking for 'Bhai'. Khushi is very 'Shant and Dahi' baby. she plays by her own, very easy going, she goes to everyone. She started using potty sometimes. She is our cutie pie. We love her so much.Take care, Jai Shri Krishna

See Pictures of pics of Hong Kong halt, Rest of India trip

Friday, July 22, 2011

Khushi 16 months old and India trip 2011

Hello Everyone,

Khushi is big girl now. She is walking, running, speaking a lot. She has six teeth. Eating everything. Understanding everything and explaining everything. She is just like her name. She is very happy girl.She goes to everybody. Badha ne parane vahali lage tewi chhe. She has long hair now. we have to make flora fountain with her hair.:) She loves to play with Ansh and so do Ansh.

How are you doing? We had a blast, becauuuuuuuuseeeeee..... we went to India in May, 2011. We stayed there for 6 weeks. We flew from SFO airport on 25th May. We had a whole day holt at Hong Kong. We moved around in the city. we sat in train, bus and we went to Ocean Park. We reached India at night. We met Ushaba, Jayumama, Jigishamami and Haribhai in Ahmedabad. Ansh and Khushi had lot of fun playing with Hari. They all had nice company. We all had jet lag so, we used to wake up pretty early in the morning and we go to the park to play in the early morning around 5.30. We enjoyed eating Mangoes. AAAAAAhhh... its so yuuuummmm. We also had very nice time with Ushaba. We enjoyed first rain of the season. We all got wet in rain. We had ravana jambu too. We had been to swimming pool in Jayumama's colony. We also met Arukaka, Latakaki and Sonalmasi in A'bad. We had been to mall in A'bad.We also went to see Science city. Musical fountains at Science city where very unique and nice. We also met Vijaymasa, Pratibhamasi,Yashmama and Haritmama in A'bad.
Ansh had fun playing with Haribhai because he had not been playing with elder kids, so he was enjoying so much. Khushi was also moving around with them and playing. She used to call 'Hariiiiiiiiiii', ' Harrrrrrrrrrrrrriiii'.

We went to Rajkot afterward. We enjoyed going for 'Kabu mum' and 'Gaay mum mum' with Jasiba. Ansh and Khushi enjoyed eating 'Ganthiya' and 'Khajali' in Rajkot. We met Chanduphai, Shardaphai, Ramabhabhu, Samirmama, Madhubhabhu,Himanshumama,Rinamami,Parthbhai, Bansiben, Sureshkaka,Swatikaki, Rameshakaka, Dakshakaki,Kishorphuwa, Sarojphai, Jatinmama, Kashmiramami, Pratikbhai,Mukundmama, Mamtamami,Ba, Harshadmama, Madhumami,Jaishrimasi,Chikookaka, Jaymama, Malaymama and lot of other relatives. Kids used to play in the street during evening time and Ansh and Khushi join the party. They love to be like Indian kids. We enjoyed a lot. Both kids saw 'Jalesh' were mummy born and brought up, So mom had lot of emotional attachment to that place and kids show the same attachment to Rajkot.

Ansh fall sick in Rajkot for a week. He had throught infection and high fever. But he got better after a week. We went to fun world to have fun.

After our Rajkot trip, where mummy had very strong emotional attachment, we went to Baroda via A'bad. Baroda is the place where Pappa, born and brought up. So, Pappa had very soft corner for that city. We went to Kamatibaag. We met Pareshkaka, Anjukaki, Nidhiben, Darshanbhai, Phaiba, Maheshkaka, Kaki, Vijaykaka, Kaki, Bholabhai, Vijaykaka's kids, Sanjaykaka, Bhavnakaki, Jalabhai and Radhiben, Mahendramama, Mami,Payalkaki's mummy, papa, Shauryabhai, Mintimasi, Keshamasi, Karanmama, sonuben and jijaji. We had fun there.

We went to Hyderabad afterwords as Papa had to work from Hyderabad Google office. So, Ushaba,Mummy, Papa, Ansh, Khushi and Yashmama went to Hyderabad at Pratibhamasi's place. We had blast there. Pratibhamasi and Vijaymasa took care of us very well. we went at Husainsagar lake, we did boating there and we saw big Budhdha statue. We also saw laser and musical fountain show which was amazing. We also went to see 'Ramoji film city'. We did lot of shopping from there.
We also visited Hyderabad Google office.

We returned back to Ahemdabad. Hinumama, Hetalmami and Small little angel came to see us at Ahmedabad. We had very nice time together.
We returned back on June, 4th, 2001. ....................With lot of sweet memories. Our heart was filled with both emotions. Happiness to see everyone and to spend nice time with everybody. and sadness as we were leaving them. Everything became live as I am writing these things. No words to say, but I really really miss everyone there and India.

This time we celebrated Ansh's birthday in India. It was fun.

We are back home, everyone was waiting for us Ba, Dada, Anaybhai, Kaka, Kaki. Motaba came with us to US. Now, Ansh goes to school everyday. Khushi speaks a lot 'Ganthiya aapo', 'Paani Aapo' and all type of stuff.

Ok, then will put pics of Indiatrip very soon. Take Care. Bye

Thursday, April 7, 2011

News Flash ---------- Khushi is walking

Hello everyone,

Yesterday on April,6th,2011 Khushi walk without support. It happened in the evening, When I was asking her to drink butter milk and showing her glass of butter milk, she came to me walking.:). Walking is so much fun. Once she knew, she can walk, she was practicing all the time. Khushi is very cute, sweet and smart girl. She can speak lot of words. Like, Ma Ma, Papa, Bhai, Bye, Purple, Bhaw Bhaw, Cat,LaLa, Koo Koo, Ba Ba, Ka Ka, DaDa, Bird, Fly, Hi, Eye, Pen, Pear, Light, Quack, Duck, Ball and many more... its a long list.She can repeat most of the words we speak. she eats by her self.Even with spoon. She loves Yogurt. She know how to drink with straw and how to blow bubbles. She can also play mouth organ. She is always a happy girl. She is very social. She likes people. She goes to everybody and says hi and bye to everyone, blows kisses. She loves to play with Anshbhai. Everyday she goes to Ansh's school to pick him up. She loves to read books. She plays pica boo with Ansh when she is in car seat. She can also do Tickle Tickle. she says 'Gali Gali Gali Gali' and does Tickle Tickle. Khushi enjoyed her first Holi and Dhuleti. Played with lot of colors.
Now, her hair is big so sometimes we put rubber or pin in her hair. She likes to go outside.
Khushiben mota thawa mandya chhe, samay kya pasar thai chhe khabar pade? haju to em lage ke Khushi born thai hati ane nani nani hati ane aankha na palkara ma varas ni thai gai.

Pictures from month of April 2011

Take care and bye for now.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Video playlists are here

Hi Everyone,

Here are the latest videos that show happenings in Khushi' life. Videos from her brothers' school functions, fun times with family, and weekend fun trips. Enjoy!!

Videos from Functions at Ansh's school
Videos of Weekend fun activities with family
Videos of Fun play times with Anaybhai and Anshbhai

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Birthday pictures are here

We celebrated Khushi's birthday at home and finally got some pictures up. Khushi cut strawberry covered cheese cake with Anaybhai and Anshbhai. Then all of us ate the cake and wished Khushi happy birthday. Khushi got lot of cloths from Anaybhai, kaka, kaki, dada, ba, Anshbhai, mummy, and pappa. She also got cards from everyone. Khushi also got three balloons for her birthday.

Khushi also went in train couple weeks back. Khushi, Ansh, Pappa, and dada went to music class and from there to the caltrain station. There was a farmer's market at the station. Khushi had some cheese quesadilla and orange juice at the market. Then, we sat in the train. The train had two floors, we sat in the bottom floor going from Sunnyvale to Menlo Park. At menlo Park we walked around near the station looking at all the shops, clock tower, and water fountains. Then, we took the train back to Sunnyvale station. Khushi was tired from all excursion and went to sleep with train's rocking motion on the way back.

These days Khushi also goes out everyday with Dada, Mummy, and Anshbhai after picking Anshbhai from school. They visit temple, different malls, library, and shops. We also went to the mall kids playing area this weekend. Khushi loved playing in the play area of the mall and taking rides.

Birthday Pictures.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Happy Birthday to Khushi

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR KHUSHI!! Wish you many many many many many happy birthdays. We allllllll love you a lot. Our little girl is turning one today. Naanakadi dhingali keeps reminding us that she is growing at super rate. Naani Khushi can already stand on her own, crawl along the entire house chasing vaccum cleaner robot or her brothers, walk with a walker in entire house, and even say ba ba, pa pa, mum mum. Khushu has also done chaandalo, put pin in her hair curtsey her mami, and as of last night even has her ears pierced thanks to her dada and mummy. She has managed to look extremely cute in her earrings and pins. Khushi loves the music class songs is now showing strong preferences by saying yes or no when she wants to do something.

Khushi has been sitting in Ansh' high chair for a while now. She loves to call everyone from the high chair and give them food that she is eating. When Khushi wants to go to someone she puts both of her hands up in pick up gesture and yells aaaaaaaaa, until she gets picked up. She loves to get hugs from her brothers and is very very ticklish too :).

Over Christmas Khushi visited mama,mami,aditbhai, and Riyaben in Atlanta. She had a grand time there playing with everyone and being called smallest of them all, nana loko :). She loved all the attention from everyone in particular sitting and playing with Riyaben and Aditbhai. She also loved having mami dress her up in various dresses and hair pins. She visited christmas lights festival, jumper place, and had a grand time. She loved eating pizza, cake and pretty much everything in between.

Khushi also loves to visit Children's Discovery Museum, Chuckee Cheese, Kids Castle, and a play place called The Jungle. She just loves to crawl around in the house and find stuff. She started eating everything on the floor, but has soon realized that it is not good. Instead she has started eating spicy food from mummy and pappa's plates. She loves trying out all sorts of food. She also loves going to take shower with Ansh in the morning. While she has loved water from beginning, having her brother start out her day has become major fun activity for her. She likes to smile a lot and show her two bunny teeth.

Here are some pictures of Khushi (yes its been very long time and we still have plenty that we have not uploaded) having a blast with everyone.

Pictures from cell phone
Nov Dec 2010 pictures
Pictures from Atlanta trip over Christmas
More pictures from Jan and Feb