Sunday, September 18, 2011

Khushi 18 months old

Hello everyone,
How are you? So, I am here today with Khushi's new updates, her cute fun and lot more. Khushi is 18 months old. She has 7 teeth. 4 on the upper side and 3 on the lower side. We did her 'Balmuvara' after coming from India. We did it at home. We started cutting her hair when she was asleep. But half way through she woke up, but she was sitting nicely and got her hair cut done. She was looking so different after doing 'Balmuvara'. Khushi likes to eat Cheese, yogurt, mushroom, bluebarries, orange, strawbarries, tomatoes and the most likely thing is 'ice cream' - just like her daddy. Her favorite toy is baby doll. She keeps baby doll with her most of the time. Now, she can speak whole sentences. Now, she is no more on mummy's milk. She is a big girl now. She drinks regular milk. The best part is now Khushi sleeps in bed by her own, there is no need to rock her. :) After all she is a big girl. She loves Anshbhai a lot. In the morning Khushi and Ansh wake up together, they take shower together, they eat breakfast together, sometimes Khushi goes to Ansh's school to drop him off or to pick him up. They also play together most of the time. Once Ansh goes to school, Khushi is moving around in the house and asking for 'Bhai'. Khushi is very 'Shant and Dahi' baby. she plays by her own, very easy going, she goes to everyone. She started using potty sometimes. She is our cutie pie. We love her so much.Take care, Jai Shri Krishna

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