Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Khushi 6 months old,LA visit, Yum Yum Solid food

Hello Everybody,

Khushi is growing so quickly. Now Khushi is a big girl. She turned 6 months on 4th Sept. She is learning everything very quickly.
Khushi has tried many fruits and vegetables. She tried Apple, Pear, Banana, Peach, Pluet (A fruit having combination of Plum and Apricot), Mango, Avocado, Carrots, Green beans, Green Squash, Rice cereal, Oatmeal cereal. Now she sometimes seats on the high chair to eat her food. Still she is learning to seat, she can seat with support. She enjoys a lot eating with everyone. She likes to hold spoon while eating. She also drinks water with spoon or with sippy cup, or even from glass. Now she knows she will get food from everybody's plate. Once somebody starts eating in front of her, she is eagerly waiting to get her part :).
New achievements:
As you know she is rolling over. Now she can move backward, and she moves clock wise, anti clock wise. So her gym is small for her now, because she comes out from it very quickly.
She likes to hold things in her hands. She loves to read books. She express her self by showing different faces. She makes lot of noises. She likes to go for a walk. She likes to play with Ansh a lot.She understands what we say and she follows what we say. She follows Ansh all the time.
She is teething. So, she likes to chew her tether.
Now, she recognizes familiar faces very easily. She knows Mummy very well. As well as Papa,Anshbhai,Ba, Dada,Anaybhai, Kaka, Kaki.
She had her 6 months 3 shots yesterday. It wasn't a very good experince, but she was alright after sometime.Her weight is 16.34 pound. Her height is 26.4. She is growing nicely.
She is very happy baby. She cries very less. If she is hungry or sleepy, she starts crying.
She likes to read books with Anshbhai in Mummy's lap. She likes to dance with Pappa. Khushiben and Anshbhai play with each other in the bed every morning. They both sleep together on one pillow. cover them selves with comforter and do play time.
On Sept 7th, Khushi first time seat on a swing.(There is one in our backyard).
Trip to LA:
Khushi had her first long trip. All the way to LA Stutididi's place. It was a nice experience. We started driving car once Khushi went to sleep at night. We drove half way and stayed in the hotel over night. Again started driving in the morning and reached LA at Stutididi's place. We all had lot of fun with Hemantphuwa, Diptiphai and Stutididi. We went to Park, Art asia. Khushi was enjoying everything.
Her lot of new pictures and videos are coming soon.
see you soon.

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