Thursday, April 7, 2011

News Flash ---------- Khushi is walking

Hello everyone,

Yesterday on April,6th,2011 Khushi walk without support. It happened in the evening, When I was asking her to drink butter milk and showing her glass of butter milk, she came to me walking.:). Walking is so much fun. Once she knew, she can walk, she was practicing all the time. Khushi is very cute, sweet and smart girl. She can speak lot of words. Like, Ma Ma, Papa, Bhai, Bye, Purple, Bhaw Bhaw, Cat,LaLa, Koo Koo, Ba Ba, Ka Ka, DaDa, Bird, Fly, Hi, Eye, Pen, Pear, Light, Quack, Duck, Ball and many more... its a long list.She can repeat most of the words we speak. she eats by her self.Even with spoon. She loves Yogurt. She know how to drink with straw and how to blow bubbles. She can also play mouth organ. She is always a happy girl. She is very social. She likes people. She goes to everybody and says hi and bye to everyone, blows kisses. She loves to play with Anshbhai. Everyday she goes to Ansh's school to pick him up. She loves to read books. She plays pica boo with Ansh when she is in car seat. She can also do Tickle Tickle. she says 'Gali Gali Gali Gali' and does Tickle Tickle. Khushi enjoyed her first Holi and Dhuleti. Played with lot of colors.
Now, her hair is big so sometimes we put rubber or pin in her hair. She likes to go outside.
Khushiben mota thawa mandya chhe, samay kya pasar thai chhe khabar pade? haju to em lage ke Khushi born thai hati ane nani nani hati ane aankha na palkara ma varas ni thai gai.

Pictures from month of April 2011

Take care and bye for now.

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