Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Pictures, Pictures and more Pictures

Hello everyone,

It has been long time writing a post. How are you all? Khushibeni updates: She can talk like a big baby. She can speak whole sentences. She has 12 teeth. she is very smart. She plays everything what Ansh and Anay plays. She likes to sing Lakadiki Kathi song. we had been to Orlando Florida Disney land. Khushi and Ansh had so much fun there. Khushi is very social. She goes to everybody. She likes to read books. She says stories in her style. e.g. "Vaagh aawyo re Vaagh, pan koi aawe na", "Kalaglo, Paani, Fly" :). She likes to read, write. She likes to walk a lot. She says "Khushiben ne thodu walky walky karawu padashe" :). Overall she is very happy baby.She eats everything just like a big girl. She can also handle spicy food. She likes it.

Here, are new pictures:

pics of Disney World trip

Ansh Anay Christmas Program

Miscellaneous pics

Irvine trip Labour day weekend 2011

Ba Dada Birthday 2011

Las Palmas Park 15th September 2011

Navratri 2011

Chaki Cheese with Dada and Papa Oct 4 2011

Kids being kids at home

Papa birthday 2011

Happy Hollow park Oct 2011

San Martin Pumpkin Patch Oct 2011

Monray bay Aquarium Nov 2011

Ansh Khushi happy time

Halloween 2011

Mummy Birthday and Rangoli 2011

Khushi making blocks tower

Ansh Khushi having fun

Pumpking patch 2011

Lot of pictures hmmmmmmm!!!!!!!!!!!!

Take care,

Jai Shri Krishna

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