Sunday, March 13, 2011

Birthday pictures are here

We celebrated Khushi's birthday at home and finally got some pictures up. Khushi cut strawberry covered cheese cake with Anaybhai and Anshbhai. Then all of us ate the cake and wished Khushi happy birthday. Khushi got lot of cloths from Anaybhai, kaka, kaki, dada, ba, Anshbhai, mummy, and pappa. She also got cards from everyone. Khushi also got three balloons for her birthday.

Khushi also went in train couple weeks back. Khushi, Ansh, Pappa, and dada went to music class and from there to the caltrain station. There was a farmer's market at the station. Khushi had some cheese quesadilla and orange juice at the market. Then, we sat in the train. The train had two floors, we sat in the bottom floor going from Sunnyvale to Menlo Park. At menlo Park we walked around near the station looking at all the shops, clock tower, and water fountains. Then, we took the train back to Sunnyvale station. Khushi was tired from all excursion and went to sleep with train's rocking motion on the way back.

These days Khushi also goes out everyday with Dada, Mummy, and Anshbhai after picking Anshbhai from school. They visit temple, different malls, library, and shops. We also went to the mall kids playing area this weekend. Khushi loved playing in the play area of the mall and taking rides.

Birthday Pictures.

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