Sunday, April 9, 2017

Khushi as a writer - 'Danger Racing on party day' - My first big story

Chapter 1: Super Day

               At 2016  and  at 12 O' clock in the night a little invisible something came on the road.  It saw a little boy on the road  riding a scooter.  The little invisible something asked the boy, why are you riding a scooter at 12 O' clock in the night? 
               Because I have nothing to do except that. But you can sleep. But I have to buy gifts for the birthday party. Why can't you drive a car? I can not drive the car because it uses gas it causes carbon dioxide. Ok fine now buy the gifts. The little goes to the shop and buys gifts and comes back home and gets ready for the party. And his family walk up and also got ready for the party.  They went to the party. They saw a race track at Orrow and that's where the party is.  Orrow has many race tracks. I can show you the one where we are going in. First there are sand whirlpools. Second there are laser beams. Third there is a bronze chest in the middle of a crack. In the fourth there are trees blocking the whole route. The fifth is a silver chest in a crack. The sixth, there is wind pushing the opposite of you. Seventh is the golden chest. 

Chapter 2: The Racing Day

                 First let's eat then  we will begin. The race said the host. We will eat pasta and pizza. After the people were done eating they started the race. All of the people were at the same place. They soon got to the bronze chest. Everybody were fighting there. The little boy got out of the battle of the bronze chest and climbed up the crack. The little boy jumped over the tree and got the silver chest.  He climbed and ran the wrong way and strong wind pushed him backwards and he got the golden chest. He won the race and he passes the presents. 

Chapter 3: Super Speed

                     The gifts are zone transfers and the little boy transfers to a zone. 

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