Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Beni turning 4 months

Hello Everybody,
News flash.... Khushi can roll over... Khushi is learning everything so quickly. She can also lift her head at 90 degree. The beautiful part is she gives a big smile to everyone. She likes to play with me a lot. So, when I come from school she looks at me and gives me a big smile. She like to touch and fill the texture of everything. She likes to hold different things in her hand now. She holds mumma's finger so tightly. She makes different types of sound now. 'ghhooo','aaaa' etc.
She is potty trained for 'Poo Poo' from the first month.
She had few outside trips by now. We had been to fremont for couple of days over mothers day. She comes to pick me up from my school some days. She doesn't like car seat much especially when she is sleepy or hungry but other than that she is OK.
She likes to go out for a walk.
Better I go because beni is awake.
New pics and videos coming soon

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Friday, June 11, 2010

Khushi 3 months old

Hello Everybody,
So glad to see you. Hurray! Now Khushibeni is 3 months old. She is a big girl now. She learnt lot of new things. She gives a big smile. She can turn on side by her self. She likes to listen to us and talk to us. She can make different sounds ' ghuuu','aaaa' etc. She likes to play with me. She is waiting for me when I come from school. Now Khushi loves to touch and feel different things. She likes to move honey pot (toy) by her self. I start honey pot and put beside her so she can play with it. She also likes to read books. Tummy time and gym time are her favorite time. She also likes to watch me around. Khushi passes quality time with Mommy during whole day and in the evening, she has lot of fun playing with Pappa and everyone. Khushi takes bath in the evening. I and Anay like to give her bath. Splish Splash time is Khushi's favorite time.
Khushi had her first outside trip. That was mother's day trip. You can check out the pictures in the previous blog entry. Her next trip was over long memorial day weekend. We had been to Children's discovery museum. She was awake for few hours there. She had a blast over there. She was so busy looking everything and exploring everything.
Khushi is 3 months old on 4th June,2010. We cut cake and Pappa fed her cake too. So new food other than milk she tasted. :). Food is so Yummy hmmmm..........
You can see new pictures and videos soon.
Time to go to sleep as its 4.15 in the morning.
Good night and see you.